4 Essential Questions to Ask When Choosing a Preschool Program for Your Child

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4 Essential Questions to Ask When Choosing a Preschool Program for Your Child

6 May 2021
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One of the crucial stages that your child has to pass through as they develop is preschool. When you enrol them in a suitable preschool program, they will have an easy time learning the social, psychological and academic competencies they need to survive in the world. But, on the other hand, when they don't get a nurturing preschool experience, they might struggle to catch up later. 

Nowadays, many preschool programs have cropped up. But keep in mind that not every program can suit your child. Here are four questions to guide you when selecting a preschool for your child: 

1. What Are Their Operating Hours?

For most parents, preschool is the safest place to leave their children when they are away for work. But it is good to ask about the hours the facility opens and closes. This information helps you determine whether or not you can work with their schedule. Also, remember that some hours might be highly challenging for your child, especially early mornings and late evenings. Ideally, look for a preschool with a flexible drop-off and pick-up program that can comfortably fit your work schedule. 

2. What Is Their Meal and Snack Plan?

As a parent, you must get concerned over what your child feeds on throughout the day. A good preschool provides a balanced diet meal plan for the little ones. The plan should include main meals, snacks, fruits and drinks. If your child has allergies, check the diet closely and alert the caregivers of the foods that should not be included in their meals. Alternatively, you can ask them to prepare special meals for your child to stay clear of any allergic reactions. 

3. What Activities Are Included in the Daily Schedule?

At the preschool age, your child needs to learn and internalise structures that help them manage time properly. The ideal preschool program should have a perfect balance between educational activities, play, and relaxation. This structure will help you have an easier time managing the child when you get home in the evening. Check the facility's timetable before deciding.

4. How Is the Curriculum and Caregiver Competence?

Choose a school whose caregivers have a track record of providing children with utmost care. Remember that the opinion your child forms with their primary caregiver will have lifelong effects on them. Also, pick a curriculum aligned with the goals and dreams you have for your child's learning.

These questions should help you pick the right preschool program for your child. When you choose a suitable facility, you invest in a positive experience for yourself and your child.