Two common misconceptions about aqua aerobics classes

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Two common misconceptions about aqua aerobics classes

2 August 2023
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

Here are two common misconceptions about aqua aerobics classes.

Only people who are strong swimmers can take these classes

One misconception about aqua aerobics is that only strong swimmers can take them. Even though these classes are done in swimming pools, most instructors do not require their students to be good swimmers. This is because during a typical aqua aerobics session, the participants are positioned in a relatively shallow area of the pool, that allows them to touch the bottom of it with their feet if they need to. The reason for this choice of pool location is that these classes often require people to do dynamic movements that may include lunges, kicks and jumps. Doing these things in the pool's shallow end is safer than doing them in the deeper end, as it can allow participants to quickly stabilise themselves and avoid falling headfirst into the water if they lose their balance.

As such, even if a person can barely swim, it should still be safe for them to take these classes. If however, they feel nervous even when exercising in the shallow end of the pool, they can always wear inflatable armbands to keep themselves afloat. If they do wear these armbands, their instructor may need to advise them on how to modify certain exercises that involve the arms, to ensure they still get a good workout.

Aqua aerobics is a low-intensity exercise that's only suitable for those with low mobility or fitness levels

Another misconception about this form of aerobics is that it's a very low-intensity exercise and as such, is only suitable for those with lower levels of mobility or fitness. It's true that these classes are often favoured by less mobile elderly people as well as people with very low levels of fitness; this is because the buoyancy provided by the water reduces the impact the exercise has on the joints and allows people to move their body parts more easily.

However, aqua aerobics can also be incorporated into the fitness routines of mobile, fit people who prefer harder workouts. For example, if a person like this wants to make this type of class as challenging as possible for themselves, they can increase their range of motion when doing things like jumping jacks, flutter kicks and leg lifts. They can also increase the speed with which they do these movements, which will give them a more intense cardiovascular workout. Lastly, they can bring along extra equipment to each class; for example, they could bring some foam water dumbbells to make the arm exercises harder.

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