Top Tips When Donating To A Charity

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Top Tips When Donating To A Charity

7 May 2020
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

Do you wish to donate to charity? Well, most people have a difficult time deciding which charities they should donate to. Below is a comprehensive guide on the various considerations you should make when donating to charity. 

Choose Causes You Are Passionate About

There is pride and satisfaction if you donate to causes you are passionate about. Remember, charity extends to monetary contributions. For instance, people that donate to the bequest program to help children can visit the offices to motivate staff. Besides, you can give books or office equipment if you do not have cash. Remember, your primary aim is to make an impact, and it would be difficult to do so if you are not passionate about the organisation's mission. 

Check Their Operations

Most people are afraid to donate to charity due to numerous online scams. However, a little due diligence will help you identify genuine charities. Check the organisation's social media pages and Google My Business listings for reviews from people who have worked with the organisation. You should avoid charities accused of duping donors.

Call the office and inquire about the scope of their operations. For instance, if you would want to donate to the bequest charity for children, ask about their location, the number of children the organisation works with, the charity's vision and any notable gains the organisation has made in the past.

Evaluate Their Finances

Check the organisation's finances to determine if your funds will be channelled to the said cause. Typically, a huge chunk of the money donated should go towards the charity's operations. You may want to avoid organisations that have unexplainable expenses or significant errors in their books of accounts. It is a clear indication that they cannot account for every coin they receive. 

Automate Your Contributions

Once you find a suitable charity, decide how much money you would want to contribute annually. It may be difficult to donate all the cash at once. As such, you could consider donating a small portion of your target every month. This way, you will not feel the burden of contributing. Other than liquid money, you could also donate appreciating assets such as stocks and bonds to the organisation.

Increase the impact of your donation by inviting friends and family to join the charitable cause. You will need to provide accurate information on how the organisation works to improve their interest in the charity. Do not shy off from attending the organisation's annual events. It is a sure way to grow your connection with the charity.