Two reasons why you might want to try mobile swim lessons

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Two reasons why you might want to try mobile swim lessons

1 March 2021
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

Here are a couple of reasons why, if you'd like to take swimming lessons, you might want to hire a mobile swimming teacher.

You'd like to incorporate diving into your swimming sessions

If you can swim reasonably well but don't feel confident about diving off the side of the pool or off a diving board and instead usually crawl down the pool steps and sink slowly into the water, then it might be time to work on incorporating diving into your swimming sessions. If you decide to do this, then it could be worth getting mobile swim lessons.

The reason for this is that, even if your public pool has a diving board or an unoccupied area of the pool edge from which it is safe to dive off, it will be hard for you to practise in the way that you need to when there are lots of other people in the water. Each dive that you do will, of course, cause a big disturbance and splatter water onto anyone who is swimming nearby. Because you'll need to practise diving many times throughout each lesson, these people may complain about the disturbance you're causing, in which case you might not feel able to leap with the amount of enthusiasm and force that you need to in order to dive correctly.

Furthermore, if you are surrounded by other swimmers when you first start diving headfirst into the water and you have not yet perfected your aim, there is a chance that you might knock your head against them as they're swimming past you. This could be disorientating for both you and the swimmer and might result in the two of you getting injured. Conversely, if you work on your diving in your own pool with a mobile teacher, you can dive as many times as you want, and because you'll be the only person in the water, you won't be fixated on the possibility of colliding with someone after you've dived in.

Your own pool is larger than the public ones nearby

If you're fortunate enough to have a very large pool and it is much bigger than any of the public ones near your home, then it might be best to take your lessons in your own pool from a mobile teacher. The reason for this is that taking swimming lessons is easier and far more fun when you do it in a spacious pool.

When practising laps, for example, you won't have to interrupt your flow and turn around after just a minute or two because you've reached the end of the pool but can instead spend plenty of time focusing on making every movement perfect. You can also feel more at ease when practising floating on your back because, if you're in the centre of your big pool whilst doing this, there will be no risk of you bumping your head against the pool wall.

To learn more, contact a resource that provides mobile swim lessons.